USMLE Step 2 CS Exam Videos & Audios

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Save time studying and Watch Videos that match your favorite textbook. We have the only CS Exam Videos that simulate the actual exam for all centers.


High Yield Videos & Audios

  • 96+ New HD videos & Patient notes that match the First Aid cases.
  • 60+ Audios designed to overcome speaking challenges, or time constraints
  • Study Guides and Mnemonics for each system
  • Assessment exam videos & Timed patient note page
  • Pediatric Phone Cases

Gold Standard Curriculum

  • With Unlimited Access you will quickly and easily learn how to Master challenging standardized patient encounters with detailed history & physical exam.
  • Easy to memorize, efficient protocols specifically on HOW to pass The USMLE Step 2 CS  Exam on your first attempt.


  • All of the materials can be used along with the First Aid for the CS
  • Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE)
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skill (CIS)
  • Spoken English Proficiency (SEP)
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Celebrating 10 Years in Step 2 CS Success Stories

I was not sure I was going to make through the usmle's. I found my confidence when I finally passed the USMLE Step 2 CS Exam using CSEVideo.I actually got stars, for someone like me who has a thick accent, and transferred from a international school to a Caribbean school. I had to work twice as hard to pass. I am very grateful to CSEvideo for their teaching methods and video cases. Thank you CSEVideo. 
— Jonathan H., Ross University
I received my score report on June 28, 2017. I was delighted to see that I passed each section with higher performance. I contribute my success to CSEVideo and the approach they have in teaching me how to manage my cases.The exam room and the entire exam itself is almostidentical to the csevideo's. I will recommend this source to all my collegues and anyone trying to pass this exam on the first attempt.
— Zacherie W., NYU School Of Medicine
Taking the CS exam was a bit scary for me because Im very shy, after watching csevideo and practicing the cases I felt more confident that I would be abel to go into the room and manage the encounter without worrying about being uncomfortable in any way. CSEVideo showed me how to begin and end the case with elegance, efficiency and ultimately succeed with higher performance in my final result on July 5,2017
— Justina M., UCLA MSIV