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Unlimited access to 96+ New Videos that match the First Aid Cases









HIGH YIELD VIDEOS &  AUDIOS DESIGNED TO SPECIFICALLY TO ELIMINATE ANY SURPRISES IN YOUR EXAM AND TARGET Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE), Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS) and Spoken English Proficiency (SEP). WITH 100 + Videos and Audios that LOOK EXACTLY LIKE the actual USMLE STEP 2 CS Exam in its entirety.

INTEGRATED CLINICAL ENCOUNTER (ICE): This is the portion of the exam where you ask associated symptoms, gather data that will go into your patient note and do a physical exam. We offer  96 + brand new videos, with 12 different standardized patients. Each case is 15 minutes or less in a room identical to what you will experience in your CS encounter. Included in your membership are Study Guides that will help you to become well-equipped in mastering ICE/CIS/SEP. These skills will put you over the top in your preparation for the CS exam. 

COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILL (CIS): This is the part of the CS Exam where you are expected to be empathetic, allow the patient to speak, counsel when necessary, and present a closing. Our CIS program consist of Videos and Audios that encompasses the entire patient doctor encounter. The clinical encounters you will be studying involve challenging questions, difficult patients, counseling, closure and much more. This section shows you how to develop and maintain an empathetic demeanor necessary to Pass Your CS Exam.   

SPOKEN ENGLISH AND PROFICIENCY SECTION OF THE CS EXAM (SEP): We work on improving your pronunciation of medical terms and language, through our associated symptoms program, cases, and audio notes. There are 60+ Audios that will help overcome any accent or spoken English challenge.

Assessment Exam: Exam includes 12 mystery cases with 12 different standardized patients. There is an interactive time paged to type the patient note within 10 minutes and a 2 minute warning notice. The exam cases are undisclosed so you can prepare yourself for the element of surprise similar to the real exam. Once you complete typing your patient note for the case it will be automatically emailed to you. You can click the link to the actual patient note for that case once you have completed your patient note and assess your ability to manage  ICE/CIS/SEP, as if it were the real exam.